AHC manufactures a whole range of safety products for use in hospitals, hotels, research labs, educational institutions, banks, showrooms, gyms and other commercial use under the brand names of Ahaan Health Care and Ahaan Health Care Powerlines. AHC also re-packages basic essential health care items for a Family Health Care Kit sold under its own brand name.

Ahaan Healthcare - Family Pack Kit

Family Kit

A pack of essential heath care items to protect your family members. No need to put yourself to risk by travelling to multiple shops to source these.

Ahaan Healthcare - stand

Sanitizer Stand

Our own manufactured MS Coated floor mounted, foot operated hand sanitizer dispensing stand that works on all capacity sanitizer as well as hand wash.

Ahaan Healthcare - face shield

Protective Face Shield

These are transparent screens made of polycarbonate and that covers the face and help prevent infectious droplets from entering the eyes, nose and mouth.

Ahaan Healthcare - Footwear Sanitizer

Footwear Sanitizer Station
(Disinfectant Spray)

A contactless automatic MS sanitizer station using disinfect spray to decontaminate shoes as viruses that collect on the soles can become airborne and attach to something we touch.

Ahaan Healthcare - Footwear Sanitizer

Footwear Sanitizer Station
(UVC Light)

A natural chemical free automatic MS sanitizing station using UVC light to sanitizes bottom of shoes while killing up to 99.99% of all pathogens, bacteria and viruses.

Ahaan Healthcare - foot sanitizer

Footwear Sanitiser Station
(UV + Disinfection Spray)

Double protection of disinfection on the bottom of shoes through UVC light and disinfectant spray to kill any residues of pathogens, bacteria and viruses for a safe entry.